Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mercedes-Benz pulls ads from Bill O'Reilly's show after Sexual Harassment Allegations

We all know that Bill O'Reilly is a jerk of all jerks. But I wasn't aware that he was a sexual predator.

Over the weekend, The New York Times reported that Fox News and Bill paid out $13 million to women who accused him of harassment: verbal, physical and sexual.

Around 7 women reported unwanted advances from Bill. Seven women! Because of this news, Fox News has been turning over backwards to cover this story, but it's not working.

The effect of this drama has taken flight and the first strike comes from Mercedes-Benz:
Mercedes-Benz has reportedly pulled its ads from The O'Reilly Factor's time slot following allegations of sexual harassment against Fox News' ratings king.

"We had advertising running on The O'Reilly Factor (we run on most major cable news shows) and it has been reassigned in the midst of this controversy," a Mercedes-Benz spokesperson told CNN's Tom Kludt.

The automaker did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
I hope there are others to follow suit.


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