Wednesday, January 25, 2017

NOM's begging for money again

Lord, Brian Brown is back, sending messy emails:
The left, including LGBT extremists, are frantically watching this process unfold because they know that it is only a matter of time before new justices join the Court and are in a position to unravel prior decisions that have no basis in constitutional law — most especially Roe v Wade inventing a right to abortion and the Obergefell decision imposing gay ‘marriage’ on the nation.

That is why many of these extremists are demanding that Democrats refuse to allow any Trump nominee to be confirmed unless that individual pledges to follow a liberal path. We are going to have a titanic battle ahead of us for control of the Supreme Court and, by extension, control over the future direction of our country for a generation or more. Please do your part to make sure we are in a position to win the coming battle.

It’s unfortunate that some conservatives have begun to pick apart the list and criticize some individuals as not being worthy of appointment. That serves no purpose except to indirectly embolden the left. If the left can parlay criticism of a particular pick from some conservatives, then their nakedly partisan attempts to torpedo any nominee will have some cover.

Let me be clear — NOM is prepared to fight vigorously for any nominee on Mr. Trump’s list of potential appointees. Recently, some people close to the president have suggested that the pick will be one of the current justices on a court of appeals because those individuals have already survived a Senate confirmation vote. There are seven such individuals on the Trump list, and all would be excellent.

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