Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Horrifying! 69-year-old Woman assaulted by Trump Supporter

At Donald Trump's rally in Asheville, NC, Richard Campbell punched a 69-year-old woman named Shirley Teter.

Why? Well, he did it because she was protesting against Trump.

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he has protested her whole life, she said. Now, she adds Trump's campaign to the list of things she's protested against.

"Why did I get involved yesterday, at my age? Because I ran into another situation that was sickening my heart," she said Tuesday afternoon, outside Cafe 64 in downtown Asheville.

Protesters met Trump supporters before the rally, and Teter was having fun.

"Whenever groups of them would start chanting 'Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump!' I would chant back, 'Dump, dump, dump, dump.' It was kind of comical," Teter said.

After the rally, Teter experienced something she had never seen in all of her protests. Peace teetered over into something else.

"I said, 'You better learn to speak Russian,' and I said, 'the first two words are going to be ha ha.' He stopped in his tracks, and he turned around and just cold-cocked me," Teter said.

She was punched in the face.

She says she fell on her oxygen tank and has sore ribs, a sore jaw, and cut her elbow. She later went to the hospital and is thankful she did not break any bones.

Police said they didn't make an arrest, because officers didn't witness the punch.
Later, cops learned about Richard and some other fools who were involved in the incident. Now, there is a warrant for his arrest.


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