Wednesday, September 7, 2016

CNN gets called out over faulty Polling

So CNN thought it would be cute to post a poll, showing Trump ahead. It was too good to be true and MSNBC, found the flaw in their poll.

Here's more info:
First and foremost, the CNN survey included a +4 Republican sample, when the electorate in the most recent presidential election was +7 Democratic. According to Huffington Post’s Pollster, the Democrats continue to have an edge of seven points when it comes to party identification.

Add the fact that no election since 1980 has had an electorate with more Republicans than Democrats, and the CNN poll quickly seems like an outlier.

NBC News noticed these flaws and adjusted the CNN survey using 2012’s electorate – which is likely to resemble 2016 – and it gave Clinton a four-point edge over Trump, which is much more in line with other polling.
Nice try CNN


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