Monday, September 29, 2014

Superman and Wonder Woman T-Shirt reeks of Dudebro Antics

I saw this the other day and cringed!

How could DC Comics allow a shirt like this to be made?

Score? Superman done it again?

And look how Wonder Woman is posed! Superman looks like a dudebro on this T-shirt. Seriously, DC or rather WB, did y'all think about the message this shirt is sending?

This is such an insult to Wonder Woman and everything she represents. She is more than a conquest! I can't believe they allowed this shirt to go out!


The Huntress said...

What were they thinking? Wonder Woman would be the one doing the conquesting! That's why I want to have someone do a t-shirt with the Outsiders cover where Huntress overpowers Nightwing... because you know she owns him. ;-)

Mechadude2001 said...

Wow! First Marvel dropped the ball on the Gamorra Merchandise.... then DC/WB puts out this sexist ish!

behrmark said...

Since you don't mention where you saw it, there's the possibility it's not a DC- or WB-sanctioned shirt.

viktor kerney said...

You can find it at Hot Topic and online, it's a real DC shirt