Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Comic-Con Experience

I'm back from San Diego Comic-Con!

It was crazy, crowded and ridic... But I love it. Love it. It's always a great time. I get to see friends from all over, meet readers and Twitter followers and make connections.

While it's a geek's holiday, it's also a hot ass mess at times. Let me share with you my experience at Comic-Con.

  • It's about 4 days of madness. I get into town on Preview Day, which used to be a peaceful day before the flood of nerds. But now, it is an invasion. More folks are here on Preview Day and it's not pretty. The lines are packed, exclusive items are sold out and floor is too difficult to walk on.
  • The panels are truly worth it... Well, the educational ones. I learned a lot about writing scripts and how to get published. It was the spark I needed to get my ass in gear.
  • Cosplayers are no joke. I appreciate the work they put into their costumes.
  • Hall H... They need to really rethink the organization of the room. Folks sleep on the sidewalk to get inside that room. Then, once they get inside, they become squatters. They will sit in there all damn day. So if you didn't camp out, you don't get in. It's so ridic.
  • Their food options are horrid. Nachos, Pretzels, flat burgers and dry pizzas... No Ma'am!
  • You can see celebrities in the studio booths. It's kind of cool to see them in a nerd environment.
  • I walked 10 miles in 2 days a the con.
  • I went to the Black Panel where I saw Cree Summer and Erika Alexander. They are still beautiful women.
  • Comic-Con is also a networking event. I took full advantage of that, meeting writers, producers and publisher. Again, I got to get my ass in gear.
  • It's funny and sad to see the Gaslamp area gouge their prices for Comic-Con; mostly the parking. A spot that is normally $12 becomes $60 for the con. It sucks that San Diego allows this.
  • I realized that I rather stay at the Hotel Circle vs downtown. It's not worth it. Better to stay at the Hotel Circle, where they don't charge you for parking and you are away from the crowded restaurants.
  • I don't mind the crowds, but I hate walking like a zombie up and down the exhibit hall.
  • I didn't get much sleep... Maybe 5 hours tops.
Again, I love it, but it's draining. Thank goodness it's once a year.


behrmark said...

Some day I'd like to experience the madness. From what I've seen posted online it look awesome, cool, and yes frustrating. Glad you got some inspiration.

The Huntress said...

I'm local there and I just can't do it. I was talking with a friend about it, and we may do Wondercon up in your area next year because there's less madness and more comic stuff. Do you do that, too?

Kevin T said...

seems like you had an overall good time, and yesss to Cree Summer and Erika Alexander!

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