Thursday, May 29, 2014

LORD... Actress Stacey Dash Joins Fox News

My heart!

The beautiful Stacey Dash has broke my heart again!

She has signed on as commentator for the Fox News Channel. She will be offering cultural analysis and commentary on daytime and primetime events.

The network executive VP, Bill Shine said:
"Stacey is an engaging conversationalist whose distinctive viewpoints among her Hollywood peers have spawned national debates – we’re pleased to have her join Fox News."
Now, she could be a Repub, I mean Colin Powell and Condi are, but they wouldn't be a commentator on Fox!

Stacey, why? Why????

Again, my heart.



Bob Slatten said...

I loved the Towleroad headline:

"Clueless" Actress Stacey Dash Joins Fox News.

I saved that for later today on ISBL!

The Huntress said...

Speaking of Clueless...

reggie said...

She wouldn't need the money if she had a better divorce attorney.
Wonder what she'll say about LGBT matters since her son is gay.

lucifer' place said...

I am glad she is joining FixNews,Blacks are not monolithic,there are some Blacks I loathe too.

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