Thursday, May 29, 2014

10 Qualities Storm MUST HAVE in X-Men: Apocalypse and beyond

We know that the next X-Men movie will focus on the villain, Apocalypse. And we also know, that we will get a younger Storm.

But with that in mind, this Storm (Ororo) needs to embody these specific qualities many of us fell in love with.

So, join me as I list my top 10 list of qualities Storm must have in the next X-Film after the jump

She has to embody the leadership qualities Professor X sees in her. She doesn't have to lead the team, but she should be equal to Scott.

Storm became a stronger character when she lost her powers. Hopefully, they will showcase her ability to fight without striking someone down with lightning.

Heritage/The Goddess
 Ororo is born from a Kenyan Princess with a rich and mysterious bloodline. Later, in her young life, she was worshiped as a Goddess. I hope this is touched on in the movie(s).

Ororo was sooo new to America. I would like to see her struggle to adapt to the Western ways.

Maybe we could get the mohawk? Maybe? Anywho, Storm was always daring in her look. Maybe we could see her take risks and explore herself.

The Stage Presence
Storm is known (due to the 90s cartoons) for her monologues while using her powers. It would be fun if she delivered one of her legendary phrases.

Master Thief 
Ororo was trained by one of the best thieves ever. Those lessons made her into the woman we know and love. I hope they reference this part of her life.

Strong Self-Awareness
Ororo is very aware of who she is. She always stands firm on her beliefs and passions. This is one of the things I love about her and maybe we will see this side of her.

Her Power
I want to see Ororo use her powers, the way she supposed to use her powers. Make her a force to be reckoned with. In other words, I want her to summon the full power of the Storm!

I would love to see Ororo in her original costume, but if not, at least the head dress and the cape. She MUST have a cape.

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everything you said.

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