Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gay Conservatives release a Statement over the Resignation of Mozilla's CEO Brandon Eich

58 gay conservatives and I guess, allies, signed on a public statement condemning the "attack" on Mozilla's CEO Brendan Eich. Their post is called "Freedom To Marry, Freedom To Dissent: Why We Must Have Both."

Basically, they are pissed that we made him resign. Here's a piece of their statement:
The gay rights struggle is about freedom and equality for all. The best and most free society is one that allows the largest number to live true to their core beliefs and identities. It is a society that allows its members to speak their minds and shape their own aspirations.

The natural consequence of true liberty is diversity. Unless a society can figure out a way to reach perfect agreement, conflicting views will be inevitable. Any effort to impose conformity, through government or any other means, by punishing the misguided for believing incorrectly will impoverish society intellectually and oppress it politically.

The test of our commitment to liberal principles is not our eagerness to hear ideas we share, but our willingness to consider seriously those we oppose.
Curious? Read the rest here


SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

No LGBT organization made any statement asking for his resignation or termination. In fact, no LGBT group made any comment. It was fueled by and Mozilla's uses and employees - of all orientations. Also, he didn't resign until some of his other questionable contributions were revealed.

Freedom of speech means the government can't shut you up or put you jail it does not mean you can say what ever you want without repercussions.

The Huntress said...

We didn't make him resign. Free markets, a conservative tenet, forced him to resign. When enough people/organizations stated they would not use or develop Firefox, the free market dictated he had to leave.

No wonder we don't take conservative gays seriously. They're a joke if they think they can have freedom and also dictate who gets it.

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