Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Andrew Sullivan's views on the Donald Sterling drama

Andrew Sullivan has been in a bit of hot water defending Brendan Eich.

He was a part of the letter discussing the attack against Brendan, which pissed off several LGBT activists. However, he takes a different approach with the Donald Sterling drama.

Andrew said:
To respond to each question in turn: yes, of course, if an owner of a business makes baldly racist remarks urging public dissociation from an entire racial group, private sector sanctions – from the NBA or fans or sponsors – are “permissible.” They are always permissible in a free country. That’s why Brendan Eich is out of a job. The second question is whether what is permissible is proper or justified, and that will always depend on the specific case. I think it’s obviously appropriate in the Sterling case – because the remarks are horrifyingly racist. If Brendan Eich had made comments telling his friends to keep away from faggots, if he’d used any such terminology or had ever been shown to have discriminated against gays in the workplace or in his daily interactions, then his case would be very similar. But no such comments are in the public or private record, and there’s zero evidence that he ever acted in the workplace to harm gay employees. Au contraire, which is why gay Mozilla employees were divided about his ouster, with some supporting him. Sterling’s remarks, in contrast, reveal him to be a crude, foul bigot – which is why there is no division at all among African-Americans in the league – or beyond the league – about his fate.
I think you can't compare the two incidents, but it is interesting to see Andrew's take of this.



Damien said...

I find Andrew Sullivan's take on things rarely interesting.....

The Huntress said...

Andrew Sullivan is off the mark. Brendan Eich was caught donating money to help enact legislation affecting a group's right to equality. THAT is what makes Eich similar to Sterling.

Anonymous said...

A straight person who is against same-sex marriage is a bigot, plain and simple. This is not rocket science. Eich was a bigot. Glad he lost his position.

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