Monday, January 6, 2014

Can we get a Full Story in the Paranormal Activity Series?

So, I saw Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones this past weekend. The movie was good and entertaining, but fresh? Not so much.

The film links all the other PA films, but the format is still the same, which for me is problematic. I'm not sure what or where they are going with this story. After 5 films, we should have something more than a dead camera person at the end. So, being the good horror story teller I think I am, I will share my 2 cents on this series.

  • Enough with the found footage style, time to take it to real time space.
  • Why are they gathering an army? Time to explain the point of the possessions.
  • And why are folks being possessed?
  • Can we finally get the evil side to reveal their plans? 
  • The young woman from the 2nd film really didn't have a point in the new film. Can we get an army of survivors to fight back?
  • What or who is the dark being?
  • Could we get more info about the symbol?
  • What else does the witches do besides kill men?
  • Why are the video tapes in every film?
  • Will we ever get a solid story from this series? It just seem like a bunch of pieces.
Again, after 5 films we should be well along with a story. But so far, we are seeing the same thing, this time with a Latino cast.

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