Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Diva Moment... Lucy Ewing

She was one of my role models and the reason why I was a fast ass lil tramp at a young age.
See here

It's all her fault!


Mechadude2001 said...

I love that 80s score. And you gotta fill us in one day about how you were a little tramp. LOL.

Michael Rivers said...

"fat ass tramp at a young age."

I've never heard Lucy described better! I loved her too!

StevieB said...

And the funny thing is that Ray becomes her uncle.
Uncle F#@ker!

SteveA said...

On Dallas she got on my nerves.

Sir Prize said...

I've always identified more with Sue Ellen (That might be why I enjoy my vodka a little too much)

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