Wednesday, August 23, 2017

trump's Horrid Rally in Phoenix

If you stomached through trump's speech in Phoenix last night, you should've realized a few things:

  • He spent most of the time defending the whole Charlottesville response. Then lied about what he said, as if there's no video of what he actually said.
  • He sounded like a guilty eighth grader, after being caught cheating on a spelling test.
  • The crowd inside was not as big as the crowd outside.
  • Throughout his entire speech, he never mentioned anything about the deaths in Charlottesville, let alone their names.
  • He spoke more about defending the Confederate statues and nothing about the 19 people injured in Charlottesville.
  • He actually said that Joe Arpaio was arrested for doing his job. Actually, he was arrested for breaking several civil rights laws.
  • Basically, this was a rally to make him feel better about himself.


Gene Perry said...

Typical T---- crowd. Lots of white folks, token black guy for the cameras.

Professor Chaos said...

He never mentioned the 10 U.S. servicemen who are missing following the collision of the USS McCain with another ship. He was too busy promoting himself, attacking the press, and telling lie after lie after lie.

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