Monday, August 7, 2017

Is Peter Thiel Ditching trump?


Gay man and trump mega supporter, Peter Thiel might have woke up from his 'sunken place'. Buzzfeed reports that Peter has distanced himself from trump, describing the administration as “incompetent” and a “disaster.”

Here's more:
Peter Thiel’s unguarded remarks have surprised associates, some of whom are still reeling from his full-throated endorsement of Trump at the Republican National Convention. And while the investor stands by the president in public — “I support President Trump in his ongoing fight,” he said in a statement to BuzzFeed News — his private doubts underscore the fragility of the president’s backing from even his most public allies.

Thiel’s views remain private — but various disparaging comments were recounted to BuzzFeed News by three separate sources, and others who subsequently confirmed those accounts. These people requested anonymity for fear of damaging personal relationships and possible retribution.
Again, interesting. Peter's whiteness made him forget that as a gay man, his rights are still in danger. Maybe after the recent attacks on our civil rights, Peter will see what a huge mistake he made.

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