Saturday, June 10, 2017

Protesters shut down Capital Pride

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During D.C. Capital Pride Parade, protesters disrupted the event because it's too corporate and marginalizes minorities.

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Protesters from No Justice No Pride linked arms to block the parade route near 15th and P streets in Northwest Washington about 5:30 p.m. With a pink, turquoise and yellow banner stretched across the street, the protesters shouted “What side are my people? What side are you on?” and “No justice, no pride.”

“Capital Pride has consistently demonstrated that it is more interested in accommodating the interests of Metropolitan police and of corporate sponsors than it is in supporting the very communities it supposedly represents,” the group wrote in a statement announcing its disruption of the parade.

“Capital Pride is a sham, corporate scum don’t give a damn,” one person posted on Twitter with the hashtag #NoJusticeNoPride.
Some of the attendees were pissed, claiming that the protesters are whining and ruining pride. Personally, what the protesters are doing is the reason why we are out there.

These companies are fueling the prison system, hurting low income people (which are often queer people of color), and more. We have to address the inequalities within these systems. If not, this whole celebration is a lie.

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