Thursday, March 9, 2017

Whatever Happened to Jaye Davidson?

I was watching The Crying Game the other day and I was wondering... Whatever happened to Jaye Davidson?

Jaye played Dil in the film and was nominated for an Oscar. I was always obsessed with him and I loved his androgynous look.

Well, I just learned that Jaye retired from acting. He's in Paris, just living life. Here's more from Wikipedia:
At the time of his short acting career, he said that his androgynous look alienated him within the gay community, saying "Homosexual men love very masculine men. And I'm not a very masculine person. I'm reasonably thin. I have long hair, which isn't very popular with gay men." He later adopted a more masculine look, with a shaved head, tattoos and more developed physique.
This is him now

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Glenn Ingersoll said...

One of the few interesting elements of the movie Stargate was Jaye's villain.