Wednesday, March 29, 2017

trump Administration Excludes from the 2020 Census

The Fake Administration continues their foolish journey.

According to OUT magazine, they excluded LGBTQ folks from the list of data categories it will collect for the 2020 Census and the American Community Survey (ACS).

Here's more:
Although “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” were proposed subjects in the appendix, today’s version of the report excluded LGBTQ people from the list of subjects for the Census and ACS. A subsequent notice issued by the U.S. Census described the original inclusion of LGBTQ categories as inadvertent. In response, GLAAD's CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis, branded the movie as a "systematic effort on behalf of the Trump administrationn to erase LGBT people."

Last year, various federal agencies urged the Census Bureau to include sexual orientation and gender in their data as it was crucial to their role in enforcing the law. The current census only allows for a snapshot of same-sex households, but Democrats in Congress had pushed for more indepth questions around sexual orientation and gender identity to improve results. The logic was simple: With more focused questions law makers would be better equipped to ensure appropriate legislation to improve the lives of LGBTQ citizens.

Although the Supreme Court, in 2013, struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, paving the way for the census to change the way it tracks same-sex households, the White House has sent yet another powerful signal that it considers LGBTQ rights as frivolous.

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