Tuesday, August 2, 2016

GOP Rep. Richard Hanna Switches over to Hillary Clinton

Rep. Richard Hanna is one of the first congressional Republican voting for Hillary over Trump. Tired of Trump's weakness and mess, Hanna is moving on.

In an op-ed posted in Syracuse.com Hanna wrote about his reasons of dumping Trump. Here's a piece:
Months ago I publicly said I could never support Trump. My reasons were simple and personal. I found him profoundly offensive and narcissistic but as much as anything, a world-class panderer, anything but a leader. Little more than a changing mirror of those he speaks to. I never expect to agree with whoever is president, but at a minimum the president needs to consistently display those qualities I have preached to my two children: kindness, honesty, dignity, compassion and respect.

I do not expect perfection, but I do require more than the embodiment of at least a short list of the seven deadly sins.
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