Saturday, August 30, 2014

Michael Sam cut from the St. Louis Rams

Well, it happened.

Michael Sam was cut from the St. Louis Rams (Thank Hera, I didn't get that jersey).

OutSports report:

The next 24 hours will determine Sam's immediate NFL fate. The other 31 NFL teams can put in a claim for his services and Sam would go to the team that claimed him first. If Sam is unclaimed, there is a strong chance he will be signed as one of 10 practice squad players by the Rams.

If that happens, Sam can practice with the Rams but not play in a game. For that to happen, he will have to be placed on the active 53-man roster, something that can occur, for example, with injuries to other players. Practice squad players earn a minimum $6,300 per week they are on the team. This amounts to $107,100 if he lasts all 17 regular season weeks on the squad. Had Sam made the Rams roster, he would have earned $420,000 this season. He gets to keep the $45,000 signing bonus he was given after the draft.

The defensive end always had an uphill battle making the team since the Rams' strength is along the defensive front. Going into training camp, the first eight slots on the line were all but set, leaving one spot. Sam lost out to undrafted rookie Ethan Westbrooks, who by various reports had a better overall camp and can also play tackle in addition to end.

Minor setback, I hope Michael is picked up soon.

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The Huntress said...

He'll have an NFL job. For the reasons in that article, we won't know until afterward whether or not the money spent on those jerseys were wasted.

By wasted I mean, "Why spend $100+ on a jersey for a seventh-round pick before they play their first NFL game???"

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