Saturday, June 28, 2014

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals grants Stay on Gay Marriages in Indiana

Greg Zoeller

Well, I guess the shoe had to drop somewhere.

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals granted a motion by Indiana's attorney general to stay the ruling striking down the state's same-sex marriage ban. This mess happened last night.

In AG Greg Zoeller's motion, he said the stay was needed to:
"stem the long-term negative impact that may be created by hundreds, if not thousands, of same-sex marriages that ultimately may prove to have no basis in law."
Whatever, right?

But I have no fears about this. Look how most of these situations turned out in the end. Folks in Indiana will marry.


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anne marie in philly said...

the IN AG will be overruled.

I think the SCOTUS needs to write down the country's policy on equality once and for all NOW!

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