Monday, September 30, 2013

Breaking Bad... Did you see it the final episode?

I just watched the entire series... What a show!

Did you watch the series? And did the ending fit the show?

I thought so, it was a nice closure. Please share your thoughts if you were a fan.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Very interesting - managed to take out the entirety of the meth network. Pretty brilliant.

K. Clark said...

I thought the finale absolutely fit the show. Walt finally stopped BS-ing himself and everyone else around him and accepted (maybe more like acknowledged) the monster he'd become and the damage he'd done.

Even though he tried to do right by those he hurt (though he was motivated in part by his pride/ego), in the end, Skylar, Flynn and Holly have to live in infamy, Jesse may end up in jail (I was hoping for one last "yeah bitch!" as he drove off, but that would've been gimmicky:) and/or be scarred emotionally for life, Hank is still dead and Marie is still a widow.

It was closure but done in a realistic way that stayed true to the show's theme.

Mad Men and True Blood's finales are up next!

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