Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Open Letter to McCain

John McCain... What happened?

When I saw you with Sarah Palin this weekend, I shuddered.

Especially when she said: We're all tea partiers!

I thought, seriously McCain? Really?

Your career was based on putting Country First. By allowing Moose Mess to say that silly statement, just erased all the hard work you have done.

Tea Partiers? This is a group that celebrates racism, this is a group that advocate violence, this is a group that's being used and tricked for election wins. I can't believe you would stoop so low, to claim these folks on your team.

If Country was first, you would not allow these folks to be manipulated. You would informed them, help them get on their feet. You would not rejoin with Sarah Palin to win an election and you would allow Tea Party to be any part of you.

I always thought of you as the Good Repub, but lately, you have been falling out. This past weekend's foolishness is proof of your desperate attempt to stay in the game.

However, if you were a true leader, you would bow out. You have had a good run, but now, you are ruining your legacy. Do you want this to be your last hurrah?

I hope not, I really do.

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