Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cartoons secretly made for Us (Gays Boys)

I was just thinking about some of my gay influences in my kid days. And I realized, there were a lot of cartoons that really brought out the gailyness (I know this is not a word) in me.

But here are my favorites.

Goldie Gold and Action Jack- Jack was hot

Jem- the Gayest cartoon ever

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle


Jana of the Jungle

Mr. T- I always thought the 2 guys were lovers


behrmark said...

Oh gawd I feel old...I don't know half of those cartoons. The one that did it for me was Johnny Quest. Race Bannon was a STUD!

Kyle said...

V, Loved Jem, Jana, Tarzan, She-Ra and Mr T, but I don't remember the first show at all. Weird.

Mighty Kwan said...

Behrmark-Did you know that they are making a Johnny Quest movie and the Rock is slated to play Race Bannon?

I don't remember the first show either. But I am familiar with all the rest. Fun Stuff!!

Mechadude2001 said...

Damn, Jem is still awesome all these years. That song is jamming.

ToddyEnglish said...

I am literally shocked by the amount of gays who love Jem. I believe that show created an entire generation of queens!
I love it!

Knowuthrume said...

She-Ra..that took me back! Thank you, boy. Smooches.

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