Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dylann Roof Guilty of Charleston Church Massacre

NBC reports

Self-declared white supremacist Dylann Roof was found guilty Thursday of killing nine black worshipers in a South Carolina church.

Now the 12-person jury will decide whether Roof spends the rest of his life in prison — or dies for last year's massacre at the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

Dylann Storm Roof, center, with his lawyers, during jury selection Monday in U.S. District Court in Charleston, S.C. Robert Maniscalco
The jury will break for Christmas and return after the holidays on Jan. 3 to begin debating the 22-year-old convicted mass killer's fate.

Twenty-four of the 33 charges against Roof fall under federal hate crimes statutes. And 18 of those carry the death penalty.

The jury rendered its verdict after prosecutors and the defense made their final arguments.
He deserves death

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Damien said...

He deserves life in prison getting banged repeatedly by EVERYONE in GenPop. Then he needs to be beaten, daily. He needs to live a long life of hell in prison.

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