Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Campaign ‘Transform California’ is all about protecting the Trans Community

A new campaign is taking shape in Cali.

Transform California, is a join venture from Transgender Law Center and Equality California who are working hard to make Trans/non-gender conforming people feel safe and live free from discrimination.

Here's a bit more info
The statewide launch celebration in Los Angeles was held on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall and attended by more than 50 coalition members, including Pat Manuel, a transgender Californian, amateur boxer and small business owner; Maria Roman, a transgender Californian and community activist; Rabbi Becky Silverstein, one of the first openly transgender Rabbis affiliated with the conservative movement; Gary Toebben, President & CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce; Isa Noyola, Transgender Law Center Program Director; Kris Hayashi, Transgender Law Center Executive Director; and Rick Zbur, Equality California Executive Director.

Following the Los Angeles launch, Transform California will host regional rallies throughout the state, which will be attended by organizations and individuals from vastly different landscapes, including civil rights organizations, business leaders, and local and state elected officials, among many others. While varied in background, the mission of every Transform California coalition member is the same: promote respect, understanding and safety for the transgender community, and oppose discrimination of all kinds.

Here are some videos, supporting the campaign

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