Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kelly Osbourne said to Donald Trump: Who Will Clean His Toilet If He Gets Rid Of Latinos?

Kelly, girl... This was not okay.

So, on The View today, Miss Girl said this:

Kelly, no, Latinos do more than clean. To only reference that part about them speaks in volumes. Social Media dragged her for this statement. I hope she realized the foolishness she caused.


Xander Porterdale said...

She was subbing for Nicole Wallace. This is what happens when they don't keep at least one Republican on the panel.

Gaye Lauren said...
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Gaye Lauren said...

I think she was trying to make a Joan Rivers style joke since Joan was her mentor. She isn't a comedian so she needs to be careful. Also you would think Kelly would have better shading skills from hanging around Drag Queens.

Bob Slatten said...

Dumb. Ignorant. Not funny.

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