Monday, February 1, 2016

TitanMen offers Aaron Schock $1 Million Bucks to do an Adult Film

Porn powerhouse TitanMen is offering former GOP Congressman Aaron Schock a million dollars to do a video with them.

In their press release, they write:

Gay Porn Powerhouse has announced it will pay off the outstanding legal debt, up to $1,000,000.00, for former U.S. Congressman Aaron Schock if the rock-hard bodied Republican will agree to an exclusive contract to star in a series of hardcore TitanMen gay porn films.

According to recent Politico reporting, Schock – dubbed the “Downton Abbey Congressman” for his choice of congressional office décor – has come under government investigation for shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars, for allegedly misappropriating both campaign and government money.

The boyishly handsome and muscular 34-year-old Republican became a media sensation thanks to his Instagram account, which features homoerotic images of Schock on expensive and exotic vacations, his chiseled physique on display in extreme sports, and for his dapper sense of fashion.

Now, it's interesting to see this because there's a lot of mixed views on the former congressman. A lot folks despise him for his voting record and his closeted life, however, those same folks want to do him.

It's an interesting situation, because he's the ideal for hatesex. Not for me, though. He looks too blah for me.

Still, I wonder if he will respond?

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