Friday, March 21, 2008

This girl? Really???

Ok, I am tired of hearing about this girl's hard life. As if she was the only one who had a troubled childhood or a broken family. Give me a break! So what if you had a hard life, it doesn't mean you jump to porn and hookering. In, Miss Ashley Alexandra Dupre talks about leaving a broken home to make it. And in her eyes, she did make it. But really? Is what she "accomplished" considered "making it"?

Many people have hard lives, and they still manage to make it everyday without becoming a high class ho (not a street corner hooker, but a $4000 a night call girl) or a star on the American past time, Girls gone Wild. Plus this heifer has her own songs on MySpace. It was like she planned this scandal to happen. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if she or her brother contacted the FBI about the Empire Club.

I can not feel sorry for Ashley. Her story isn't special nor a tearjerker. She made interesting choices and hoped to be a star. And, in a weird, ironic way, she is. You go, Miss America!

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